5 Beauty Steps You Should Never Skip

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019 | Selfie Skin AU

With Spring well and truly here and Summer around the corner, ensuring you are doing the right things to help your skin glow is essential. We suggest you follow these steps all year round and if you’re not already doing them, implement them into your life now.

Get your Z’s

Sleeping is a vital part of your beauty regime and is one of the most important aspects is not only keeping your skin looking youthful but also helping you be calmer in your everyday life. Lack of sleep can be a huge problem for those who have anxiety and give you the kind of bags you don’t want, (and yes, we’re talking about the bags under your eyes). If you find you are a bad sleeper then we would suggest not drinking coffee after 12 pm and try doing something that calms you, whether it’s a 10-minute walk after work or practicing yoga once a week. A light spritz of magnesium oil before bed can work wonders too.

Drink H20

Hydration is one of the most important things you can do for your skin, as it does not only keep your digestive system working but it also helps replenish the skin. Water will help flush out any unwanted toxins in your body, so you should really be aiming to drink 8-10 glasses per day. If you don’t enjoy drinking water, then try making it more interesting by adding chia seeds, fresh mint, or fruit for flavor.

Hair removal

Hair removal, in our opinion is definitely something you should never skip in your beauty regime. Our favorite, is obviously, Laser IPL, and if you don't already do it, starting it now will help your skin be smooth for the Summertime. Our IPL At Home Laser, handset, does not only help with hair removal but it also targets spider veins. Being able to do this in the comfort of your own home is also a plus, no waiting around and no uncomfortable situations. You will also find that makeup and fake tan will apply better to the skin, which again, is a huge bonus!


You may have heard of food detoxes, but giving your skin detox is also imperative. At Selfie Skin, we like to give our skin a day off any type of makeup, creams or moisturizers, to really help our skin breathe and detoxify. We also like to help our skin detox by using a natural detoxifying mask, that we make ourselves, from oatmeal, hot water, a teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar.


Collagen is the key to improved skin elasticity, enhanced hair health, improved nail strength and more. Boosting your collagen intake (especially after you hit 30) might help with the overall structure and appearance of your skin! A great way to do this is by eating the right types of food. If you’re not into bone broth, you can also add in marine collagen into your daily water - simples!


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