A Breakdown of All Your Hair Removal Options

Monday, 28 Oct 2019 | Selfie Skin AU

IPL? Laser? Waxing? Shaving? Hair removal creams? What is the most beneficial hair removal method and how do we know which one will be most effective? No hair removal treatment will be considered permanent, but there are a few options that are noticeably much more effective than others. Those of us who shave may notice that the hair will begin to grow back after a few short hours, some of us that wax may notice ingrowns in places they didn't know existed! So here at Selfie Skin, we have done some digging on what we think is the most effective form of hair removal is and how IPL works. 

At Selfie Skin we have created an at-home device that you can use in the comfort of your own home. No more, painful trips to your beauty salon and forking out $150 every month, that’s nearly $2000 per year!


In our opinion, waxing is the most painful hair removal method. Think about it, waxing is warm or cold wax applied to your skin then removing the hair follicle to rip out the root. In theory, waxing may be one of the cost-effective methods, you can buy a pack of wax strips from the supermarket and do it yourself. However, the repercussions of waxing aren't pretty. Waxing is notorious for promoting ingrowns, and half the time, does not target the thinner, ‘fluffier’ hairs, it can also irritate those who have more sensitive skin. Waxing isn’t very environmentally friendly either, did you know wax strips can produce 7.4 tonnes of landfill waste per year?


Shaving is known to be one of the most popular forms of hair removal. It’s quick, pain-free, and cost-effective. While shaving can be very effective for some, for others it may not, meaning you may shave your legs in the morning and they’re already prickly and due for another shave by noon. Ingrown hairs are also the worst when shaving, especially on the bikini area. Shaving is also not good for our planet, did you know that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year in the US, with around 32% ending up in the ocean?

Hair removal creams 

Again, while hair removal creams may be pain-free and easy. They are not good for a long term effect. You will need to use hair removal cream at least 3 times a week and it can’t be used on sensitive areas. Our skin is our largest organ and anything absorbed through it goes directly into our bloodstream. This includes personal- care products which often contain thousands of different chemicals with varying toxicity. They work by breaking down the natural growth of the hair through chemicals using chemicals. Some of these chemicals can cause side effects on the skin, such as rashes and burning sensations.


There are so many forms of hair removal methods today. However, we bet you’ve never heard of sugaring. Sugaring dates back to ancient Egyptian times. It is a natural form of hair removal that you can do yourself. Sugaring is made from; sugar, lemon and water then heated on a pan to then extract hair from the root. It has been known to be confused with waxing, however, it is not the same thing. It’s an all-natural and safe procedure and can be great for those with sensitive skin, however, the effectiveness of this technique has also been proven to not always work, it changes from person to person.  

IPL Laser

IPL laser Hair removal, is now one of the most popular methods of hair removal, for those who’d like long term effect, and for good reason.  IPL Laser hair removal uses a single wavelength of light to target, heat and damage hair follicles. It can treat large areas, including your back and legs as well as more delicate areas. Most people need 3-6 treatments to get the hair out of ‘growing phase’. It essentially works to destroy hair follicles, reducing the amount and density of the hair that grows back. While going to laser clinics can get costly, handsets are now becoming available in Australia, allowing you to do your treatment from the comfort of your own home. Our at-home,  Selfie Skin handset frees you from having to wait for an appointment, travel to a clinic or pay top dollar to get a stranger to laser you. No more harsh chemicals on your skin. No more razors being thrown into the oceans. Now you have a solution that is a one-off cost that you can use anytime.


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