How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs - For Good!

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019 | Selfie Skin AU

Ingrown hairs, ew gross! In many cases, ingrown hairs can be super painful, unattractive and very hard to get rid of or even worse, infected! However, as urging as it can be you should refrain from squeezing or picking them. Ingrown hairs are hairs that have been trapped beneath the surface of the skin. They basically have a mind of their own and instead of coming through the skin, they curl back into the skin, resulting in an inflamed bump. Some of us are more prone to getting them than others, commonly those with curly coarse hair tend to get them more than those with fine hair, so yes, you can blame your genes. However don't panic, we have put together some tips on how to get less and hopefully never see them again!


Exfoliating is a great first step for helping combat ingrown hairs and nipping them in the butt! Buffing away at dead cells by using an exfoliating cleaner, facial cloth or dry brush will not only help replenish your skin but also refrain ingrown hairs to form.

Revisit your hair removal methods

If you're someone who does suffer from ingrown hairs then it might be time to review your hair removal method. If you have tried absolutely everything to get rid of ingrown hairs then investing in an at-home IPL unit could benefit you. The most effective and long-term treatment solution for treating ingrown hairs is IPL and laser technology.

Lotions & potions

Another tip for those that suffer from ingrowns would be to use a lotion that has glycolic acid and vitamin B5. Creams like this will help chip away at blocked cells and also promote skin repairs, so again will help with the smoothness of you skin. BHA (beta hyroroxy acid) penetrates even deeper into the pores to help any buildup of oil which may be causing the ingrown hairs.

Dry Brushing

If you haven't already heard of dry brushing then you’re probably living under a rock. Dry brushing has become the talk of the town in the beauty industry. It is a great technique to help diminish cellulite, unblock clogged pores so hair can grow normally and reduce dry skin. For those of you who use IPL will also find the process helps to dislodge dean hair follicles from the root. Next time you jump into the shower, try this technique and trust us, you will have noticeably smoother skin.


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