Karen Tries The Selfie Skin IPL Handset

Monday, 03 Feb 2020 | Selfie Skin AU

Removing Facial Hair

Are you SCARED to shave your face?  Have you heard the old wive’s tale that if you shave your facial hair it will grow back thicker and darker?

Well, your hair will always grow if you shave it! But you won’t end up with a beard or a moustache!  How would you like to remove and reduce the amount of that hair “grow back” to almost nil!? 


IPL Hair Removal Handset 

Selfie Skin has gifted me their AT HOME IPL Hair Laser Removal Handset and I am so excited to start using it!

Keeping our face exfoliated, moisturized and ” hair-free“ is really important for creating the perfect foundation for our makeup foundation!

I’ll be using my Selfie Skin handset on my face to remove all that peach fuzz & unwanted lip & chin hair for good! The process will take several weekly treatments, but I’ll be checking back with you on how it’s going!

I’ll also be using it on my legs, underarms and some other “sensitive” areas! It’s painless, convenient and a lot less expensive than Weekly trips to the salon!


IPL Hair Removal Handset

If you don’t want to wait to see and hear about my results, then get one for yourself today!⠀

Selfie Skin have also been very generous and are giving my followers a $30 USD off code: NEW50

Repost from Karen Liens blog: https://50isthenew50.blog/selfie-skin-laser-hair-removal-system/


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