What’s Your Hair Removal Environmental Footprint?

Monday, 28 Oct 2019 | Selfie Skin AU

Let’s get real, hair removal is something that most girls invest in. But did you know that many of the methods available may be doing more harm than good - not only to your bank balance but also to your health and the environment. The term, ‘zero waste’ is something that is being used more and more every day and for good reason. Plastic razors are a regular step in so many peoples beauty routine, most of us do it every day. However, did you know that they are doing just as much harm to the environment as plastic straws?


Did you know 2 billion razors are thrown away each year in the US, with around 32% ending up in the ocean instead of landfill. The vast dump of plastic waste swirling in the Pacific ocean is now bigger than France, Germany and Spain combined and is growing rapidly according to a study published on March 22, 2018 Ref.

Animal Welfare 

When it comes to hair removal, animal cruelty wouldn’t instantly spring to mind for most of us. But did you know that a lot of traditional hair removal creams are tested on rodents before they’re made available to humans?  The only way to really test if the cream works and is safe is by trialling it on animals first. By using other forms of hair removal methods like stainless steel razors, that will last you a lifetime, or an IPL unit you can sleep better at night, knowing you have not harmed any wildlife. 

What you’re putting down the drain

I know ignorance can be bliss when we flush things down the toilet or down our drains, however, everything that goes down your drain ends up in the sewerage system, and in turn, into your beautiful ocean. Flushing the wrong thing or putting chemical substances down the drain affects the ability to reuse the water. The EPA has identified chemicals, pharmaceuticals and personal care products as “emerging contaminants of concern” for ocean animals. During the early 2000s, the EPA started a study on the presence of these chemicals in groundwater and surface water, however, it didn't appear that these chemicals were accumulating in the skin or tissue of fish, which seemed like a good sign. Let’s reduce the chemicals we are flushing into our oceans by considering alternative hair removal options, steering away from hair removal creams and shaving foams.

What you can do?

Our at-home IPL Laser kits are a clinical-grade Hair Removal Handset that means no more razors, no more chemicals and no more harming Mother Nature. Selfie Skin frees you from having to wait for an appointment, travel to a clinic or pay top dollar to get a stranger to laser you. No more harsh chemicals on your skin. No more razors being thrown into the oceans. Now you have a solution that is a one-off cost that you can use anytime.


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